The LOFAR LBA Sky Survey

The LOFAR LBA Sky Survey (LoLSS) aims to cover the entire northern sky at Dec > 23 degrees, in the frequency range between 42 − 66 MHz, at a resolution of 15″ and at a sensitivity of 1 mJy/beam (1σ).

First data release
(de Gasperin et al. A&A 2023)

Preliminary data release
(de Gasperin et al. A&A 2021)

Comparison of sensitivity for a number of completed and ongoing wide-area radio surveys. The diameters of the grey circles are proportional to the survey resolution as shown in the top right corner. The green region shows the frequency range covered by the LOFAR LBA system.

ViCTORIA project
The Virgo Cluster multi-Telescope Observations on Radio of Interacting galaxies and AGN project

The project includes data from the low- and high-band systems of LOFAR as well as MeerKAT and it will greatly improve the sensitivity and resolution of the wide-field coverage in radio continuum between 42 − 1700 MHz and in the 21 cm line. Polarization data from the L-band observations will also be included.

MeerKAT L-band and HI data:
in progress...

LOFAR HBA data (Edler et al. A&A 2023):

in progress...

MeerKAT (green and cyan) 350 pointings covering the Virgo cluster.